Rid Your Home of Squirrels

With professional squirrel removal services in Lakewood, NJ

Although squirrels may be cute in the wild, they can cause major damage to your home or office building. Mid-Atlantic Pest Control provides wildlife control and prevention services for homes and businesses in Lakewood, NJ. Our exterminators will assess your pest problem and determine a squirrel removal solution specific to your needs.

We will humanely trap and remove squirrels from your property and seal off their entrance areas so they don't get back in. Schedule our wildlife control services today by calling 848-210-2308.

Are you sharing your home with squirrels?

Are you sharing your home with squirrels?

Squirrel infestations are often easier to hear than see. Even if your building seems secure, squirrels can easily chew through roofing and siding and into your home.

Look for these common signs that you may have a squirrel problem:

  • Scratching, clawing, scampering noises
  • Holes in your shingles and roofline
  • Damage to bird feeders
  • Chewed up outdoor furniture

Protect your home from squirrel damage. Call Mid-Atlantic Pest Control for prompt and reliable squirrel removal service today.