Wildlife Doesn't Belong in Your Home

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Skunks can become a major nuisance when they take up residence in and around your property. Mid-Atlantic Pest Control provides wildlife control services throughout Lakewood, NJ and surrounding communities. We'll safely trap and relocate skunks that have invaded and nested in your home or office building.

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Leave skunk removal to the experts

Leave skunk removal to the experts

Skunks living on your property can be a threat to your family and pets. Aside from the horrible smell that comes along with skunk spray, skunks are dangerous to handle because:

  • Skunks are the primary carriers of rabies.
  • Skunks can viciously bite and claw at you.
  • Skunks can spread canine distemper and hepatitis.

Don't try to attempt skunk removal on your own. Call 848-210-2308 to schedule our wildlife control services today.