Get Rid of Opossums Once and For All

Look to us for opossum removal service in Lakewood, NJ

Opossums love to call your attic or basement home. Unfortunately, they're not respectful houseguests. They'll tear up your walls or insulation until there's nothing left. Address this issue with help from Mid-Atlantic Pest Control.

We provide humane opossum removal services in Lakewood, NJ and the surrounding area. To schedule your service, please call 848-210-230.

What should you do if you see a wild animal in your home?

What should you do if you see a wild animal in your home?

When you encounter a wild animal in the home, it's natural to be afraid. Don't panic! Instead, follow these simple steps:

  • Don't make any sudden movements
  • Slowly walk away from the scene
  • Discreetly take a photo if you can
  • Immediately call us for removal service

Never capture a wild animal on your own, especially an opossum. They're known for attacking when provoked. Instead, call the professionals for opossum removal.

If you're in Lakewood, NJ or the surrounding area and need opossum removal service, call now to speak with a member of our team.